Side 1

Grand March: Blaze Away

Waltz: Moonbeans on the Lake

Hoedown: Stampede Breakdown

Vocal: Throw a Saddle on a Star (by Floyd Silito)

Jig Medley: Humors of Donnybrook, Brandon Fair and Mickey Morgan

Swedich Hambo: Friludfts liv

Polka: Shake a Foot

Schottische: Ford’s

Side 2

Waltz Medley: The Band Played On, Comrades, and The Bowery

Highalnd Schotische: Lad wi’ the plaidie & Keel Row

Howdown: Orange Blossom Special (by Ronny Neidermayer)

Galop: Jolly Brothers

Laendler: Peasant Wedding

Polka Medley: The 1060 Polka (featuring Tony Neidermayer on accordion)

Three Step: Moonwinks

Hymn: Just a Closer Walk with Thee (featuring Floyd Silito on vocals)

All songs performed by Tony Neidermayer and the CFCN Old Timers

Pictured on back cover:

Don Thomas
Frank Brand
Len Taylor
George Fitzsimmons
Tony Neidermayer
Nan Tingle
Floyd Silito

From back cover:

With Favorite Selections As Heard (Weekly For Over 35 Years) On Their Program Over Radio Station CFCN Calgary, Alberta, Canada.