Side 1

Long Day - Early Peas

Crazy Bass - Custer's Last Band

Roller Coaster Ride - Shep Cooke

From Who - The Bob Meighan Band

Snakes & Cactus - Joe Bethancourt

'46 Plymouth Rag - Fairweather

Side 2

The North of Arizona - Duane Davenport

Fiddler & The Gambler - The Normal Brothers

Early in the Morning - Hans Olson

Keep Your Hand Off Her Stranger - Dusty Chaps

No Regret - The Fabulous Air Brothers

Stilt Chicken's Theme Song - Fester Plugg and The Stilt Chickens

In 1976, KDKB in Phoenix conducted a statewide search for talent for its first compilation. Arizona Sounds features, among other statewide artists, Shep Cooke, of Linda Ronstadt's Stone Poneys.