Side 1

Rockin' with the Apple - E.J. Crummy

Shoot'em Down - Twisted Sister

Is It You - DC Star

The Only One - Mazarin

Side 2

Runaway - John Bongiovi

Do What You Gotta Do - Equinox

Jaded Heart - Humans From Earth

Outlaw Josie Wales - Southern Cross

She Got Free - Mike Corbin
Album features the first appearance of the song "Runaway," by Jon Bongiovi, who later went on to front the band, Bon Jovi. The song features studio musicians, known as The All Star Review. Included in the group, Dave Sabo, who later went on to Skid Row; Tim Pierce, currently with Rod Stewart; Roy Bittan, of the E Street Band; Frankie LaRocka, formerly of Scandal; and Hugh McDonald, who went on to be an "unofficial" member of Bon Jovi.